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John R. asks: Doest it cure illness?

Grace Drops CBD Hemp Oil answers: With Grace Drops CBD Hemp Oil there is no question of illness. Illness is the exclusive domain of the medical establishment and its practitioners. Grace Drops CBD Hemp Oil is strictly in the domain of wellness. Enhancing and directing to the inherent nature of the human physiology to find its peaceful balance.

Marsha L. asks: Does it give energy?

Grace Drops CBD Hemp Oil answers: It would perhaps be best expressed as follows. In order for the human organism to feel and experience energy it must first go to the well of rest and relaxation for the mind and body. Once the body has repaired through this profound rest, the organism is then ready to move forward to its natural creative state. It is very much like an archer who must first pull the bow string and arrow back, hold it in suspension and finally release it to move forward dynamically to its selected target.

Larry B. asks: I have a very active mind with worrying thoughts. Can Grace Drops CBD Hemp Oil help?

Grace Drops CBD Hemp Oil answers: Grace Drops CBD Hemp Oil supports and directs an overly active mind to naturally find its balance in a state of restful alertness. Clarity is maintained. Once again if rest is required it will point in that direction.

Linda S. asks: How do you take it and can you take too much?

Grace Drops CBD Hemp Oil answers: Grace Drops CBD Hemp Oil comes in a thick liquid form in a dropper bottle. You simply press the rubber tip of the dropper to squeeze some Grace Drops CBD Hemp Oil into the tube and place the dropper over your upturned head with open mouth, making sure you release the Grace Drops CBD Hemp Oil liquid under the tongue. You can then close your mouth and hold the liquid for at least 90 seconds before swallowing. It is important to note that an individual must find his level of comfort with the amount taken. Some may need 5 drops, others may need 15 or more and for some 1 drop will suffice. It depends on one's sensitivity and tolerance level.
Experiment, feel and trust what is appropriate for you. Some people take drops before going sleep. Others take drops both before sleep and awakening in the morning. You may also take some during the day. It must not necessarily be taken all at once. The key is to find what is comfortable.

Louise J. asks: How and what do you feel when you take Grace Drops CBD Hemp Oil?

Grace Drops CBD Hemp Oil answers: It varies from person to person and it is also experienced differently by the same person. There is no definite pattern. A general guideline might be sleepiness and relaxation for some, others could be energized. You may also feel meditative or simply just quietly fulfilled. It may also happen that if the body is in a state of imbalance that a type of healing discomfort arises, Grace Drops CBD Hemp Oil will normally help by having the individual feel a certain sense of detachment and allowing the inherent "knowingness" of the body to do what is needed to regain its balance and wellness.

George N. asks: Is not the hemp plant illegal?

Grace Drops CBD Hemp Oil answers: The industrial hemp plant (IHP) is not to be confused with cannabis/ hemp with THC as they are completely different plants. The industrial hemp plant has thousands of practical applications. It is used to make high quality clothes, archival quality paper, building materials, soaps, biodiesel. Its is also nutritious as food in the form of oils rich in Omega 3-6 and essential fatty acids, nuts and protein powders. It has no psychotropic effects.

Barry K asks: Will Grace Drops CBD Hemp Oil help me with my inability to get to sleep easily ?

Grace Drops CBD Hemp Oil answers: Even though the industrial hemp plant used in Grace Drops CBD Hemp Oil is different from Cannabis with the THC aspect, it has been reported to help people relax and to fall to sleep faster and easier.


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